Scheme Conservatory

Preservation and maintenance of old software and websites.


Dream R4RS interpreter in assembly language
Galapagos Windows port of SCM with turtle graphics
GScheme Scheme for GNUstep in Objective-C
Ikarus R6RS native-code compiler
Kali Scheme 48 with distributed computation
Mini-Scheme R3RS in C with many forks
PC Scheme R3RS for DOS operating systems
Picrin R7RS interpreter in C89
RScheme R5RS with persistent objects
STk R4RS interpreter with CLOS and Tk GUI
VxScheme R4RS for the VxWorks RTOS


FFIGEN Grovel C header files using lcc
Header2Scheme Grovel C header files using SCM
psyntax Portable syntax-case with implicit phasing


DreamOS Hobby OS based on Dream Scheme
Unroff Troff document converter
Xxl Spreadsheet written in STk

Websites Curated by Shriram Krishnamurthi
Read Scheme Curated by Jim Bender
CMU Scheme Repository Part of the CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Internet Scheme Repository Hosted at Indiana University


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