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What is STk?

STk is a free R4RS Scheme interpreter which can access the Tk graphical package. Concretely, it can be seen as the standard Tk package where Tcl has been replaced by a Scheme interpreter. STk embeds also an efficient CLOS like object oriented system, called STklos, which provides:

  • multiple inheritance,
  • generic functions,
  • multi-methods,
  • a MOP (Meta Object Protocol)

STklos MOP is based on the Tiny Clos model from the Xerox Open Implementation group.


STk is distributed in source form for Unix and Windows platforms. Distribution in binary form for some common architectures is also available.

Latest version of STk is numbered 4.0.0

Last News

Jan 17 2001: A new Scheme System

A snapshot of the successor of STk (called STklos) is now available at the following URL Beware that it is in work in progress quality package.

Oct 1 1999: STk 4.0.1 Release

This release is mainly a bugfix relase. Main changes/modifications since 4.0.0 are:
  • Integration of final SRFI 9
  • Documentation enhancement
  • Bug fixes

Sep 5 1999: STk 4.0 Release

Main changes/modifications since 3.99.3 are:
  • New Scroll-Frame and Toolbar STklos classes.
  • Integration of some finals SRFI (0, 2, 6, 8)
  • define-syntax (but not let-syntax and let-syntax*)
  • New License Policy (request for commercial apps no more needed).
  • Lot of bug fixes (mainly on Win32)

Feb 2 1999: STk 3.99.4 Release

Main changes/modifications since 3.99.3 are:
  • Works on Windows too (need some more testing, since this is far form perfect)
  • A console mode (which is used by default on Windows, but can be used with the -console option on Unix)
  • A new editor with Scheme fontification and indentation
  • New kind of ports: virtual ports
  • All the code dealing with files has been rewritten.
  • As usual, some bug corrections

Feb 1 1999: A New contribution

This contribution from Ian Wild allows you to use CL-style lambda lists into STk.

All the News ...


Some STk documentation is available from this site.

There is also a FAQ that you can browse.

Mailing List

The STk mailing list is located on

Information requests, subcription/unsubscription to the mailing list must be sent to

To subscribe to the mailing list, simply send a message with the word subscribe in the Subject: field to the previous address.

To unsubscribe to the mailing list, simply send a message with the word (you guessed it :-) unsubscribe in the Subject: field to the previous address.

Subscription requests are processed automatically without human intervention. If you encounter a problem, send a mail to Erick Gallesio

The STk mailing list archive can be browsed from this site.


They are programs or extensions made by STk users. Among these extensions you can find a package for displaying procedure environments, a spreadsheet widget, games, and much more ...

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