Welcome to the RScheme web site at Scheme Conservatory. RScheme is an open-source (and freely redistributable) implementation of the Scheme language with lots of extensions and additional features beyond the core language. See the RScheme Overview for more details about what RScheme is and provides.

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Content planning is underway for the release. Currently, we are looking at the following big-ticket includes:

Documentation and Support

Notes and documentation on RScheme are published here, as well as the latest builds and general information about the current status of the project.


RScheme releases are of three types:

Information about progress towards the next upcoming build may be obtained on the build readiness page.

For any given release, one or more distribution formats may be available. The Generic Source Distribution is available for all releases, and embodies the source code in minimal form to build to completion on a satisfactorily configured system. Binary distributions may also be available to simplify installation on particular platforms.

Starting with b22, we are providing at least some binary distributions from Currently, all we have are AIX 5.1L binary RPMs, but as the build environment improves, the goal is to have at least RedHat binary RPMS and Debian packages. Click on the Info link to see distributions other than the generic source distribution.

Release Type Name Date Info Download Link # D/L Comment
Build 2007-05-30 [here] rs- 0  
Build 2007-01-28 [here] rs- 0  
Build 2006-04-10 [here] rs- 0  
Full 2005-06-13 [here] rs- 0 The official release
Full 2003-02-23 [here] rs- 0  

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