PC Scheme

PC Scheme (also spelled PC-Scheme, PC SCHEME, PC-SCHEME) is a Scheme implementation for DOS operating systems from the early 1990s.

It originally ran on MS-DOS. Nowadays it also runs on FreeDOS either on real hardware or on emulators like DOSEMU.

Texas Instruments

PC-Scheme is a Scheme implementation originally written by Texas Instruments. This directory contains the version made freely distributable by TI. Note that it wasn't as powerful as the commercial version, which cost $95 and included a reference manual and user guide.

PC Scheme includes an optimizing compiler, an emacs-like editor, inspector, debugger, performance testing, foreign function interface, window system and an object-oriented subsystem. Conforms to the Revised^3 Report on Scheme. Also supports the dialect used in Abelson and Sussman's SICP.


NOTE: Ibuki announced on July 13, 1992, that it has purchased the rights to PC Scheme from TI and intends to make it also available on 486 PCs and under Windows 3.1. This version should be better than either of the public versions. For more information, contact IBUKI, PO Box 1627, Los Altos, CA 94022, phone 415-961-4996, fax 415-961-8016, email rww@ibuki.com.

University of Geneva

PCS/Geneva is a Scheme interpreter/compiler developed at the University of Geneva. It is based on Texas Instrument's PC Scheme (version 3.03) but differs somewhat from the original. The main extensions to PC Scheme are 486 support, BGI graphics, LIM-EMS pagination support, line editing, mouse support, assembly-level interfacing, and several powerful Scheme-oriented editors. (TI's PC Scheme gives users full Revised^3 support along with many primitives for DOS, Graphics and Text Windows. A powerful built-in optimizing compiler produces fast code.)

This product may be distributed freely and used without restrictions except for military purposes.

Authors: Larry Bartholdi and Marc Vuilleumier, C.U.I. - Scheme group, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Version 4.02PL1 (1994-01-11)

PCS/Geneva has been tested on XTs, ATs, AT386s and AT486s under various DOS and OS/2 versions. It even runs on Hewlett-Packard's HP95LX. It also runs on Suns with a DOS emulator.

Extensions by Carl W. Hoffman

Common Lisp Compatibility Package Includes R3RS functions missing from Scheme, macros (DEFMACRO, DOTIMES, DOLIST, DEFUN, SETQ, SETF, PUSH, POP, INCF, DECF, DESCRIBE, ARGLIST), FORMAT, WARN, ERROR, streams and I/O, sequence and list functions
Lisp mode for Epsilon, customized for PC Scheme.
Adds some of the optional features of R3RS to PC Scheme.


Running in FreeDOS under VirtualBox:

Running in FreeDOS under DOSEMU with the keyboard and display hooked into a Unix terminal emulator: