A GNUstep-aware scheme interpreter. Includes many examples, e.g. the sieve of Erathostenes to compute primes, a Koch curve plotter, mandelbrot set, graphs of various functions etc. GScheme is fully tail recursive. The garbage collector bypasses GNUstep's retain/release mechanism in order to deal with circular data structures.

GScheme is document-based and you can edit more than one file at the same time.

Speed leaves something to be desired as there is a lot of overhead due to Objective C.

Press Ctrl-Return in the interpreter window to evaluate the last form that you have entered. This will copy the form to the paste board, so that you may re-enter it by pressing Alt-V.

Download it here (TAR).

Special forms implemented include Primitives implemented include There is a library of additional primitives that are loaded on start-up.
New! As of July 23, 2002: Examples now include queens.scm, which solves the classic problem and takes symmetries into account.
New! As of July 31, 2002:
New! As of January 10, 2005:
Important: older GNUstep installations may need to replace
  #include <GNUstepBase/GSIMap.h>
  #include <base/GSIMap.h>
at the very beginning of SchemeTypes.m.

New! As of February 17, 2005:

New primitives:

New! As of February 25, 2005:

New primitives, graphical ones come first.

There is a demo in "text.scm." You will probably have to change the font names in the demo to reflect the fonts that you have on your system e.g. as displayed in the font panel of Additional primitives:
New! As of Mar 2, 2005:

New primitives: