Mini-Scheme (which goes by the filenames minischeme and miniscm) is at once one of the tiniest and earliest Scheme implementations. Its obscure beginnings and the several independent forks started in the decades since have led to a confusing family tree which this page tries to untangle.

Original versions from Japan

The original author of Mini-Scheme is mathematician Atsushi Moriwaki from Kyoto University. After he stopped working on the program, his compatriot Akira Kida maintained it for five years.

Information about these early versions is found in the README file of version 0.85k4. The file says the program is based on an article SCHEME Interpreter in Common Lisp which was published in Japan as an appendix of T. Matsuda & K. Saigo, Programming of LISP, archive No 5 (1987) p6 - p42.

Release date Maintainer Version number
"11/5/1989" Atsushi Moriwaki 0.85
1989-11-14 Akira Kida 0.85k1
1989-11-28 Akira Kida 0.85k2
1989-11-30 Akira Kida 0.85k3
1994-05-17 Akira Kida 0.85k4

Forks started after the year 2000

Nils M Holm

Available from

Jacques Bailhache

Hosted at the SourceForge project minischeme

Cat's Eye Technologies

Hosted at the GitHub repository catseye/minischeme


The well-known implementation TinyScheme started off as a Mini-Scheme fork but has been refactored and extended so much that the name was changed.


Releases of the various Mini-Scheme forks are archived at using a file naming convention which includes the maintainer's handle as well as a version number or release date.

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