What is xxl?

Xxl is a free graphical spreadsheet developed at the University of Nice for Unix platforms. Xxl is written in STk and is based on the tkTable widget. Xxl is designed to be simple, easy to use and user friendly. The aim of xxl is not to compete with commercial spreadsheets. The latter are often too complex for novices and provides too much functionnalities for current usages. This last version of xxl provides a really fonctionnal spreadsheet for small or middle-size sheets. The model it defines is similar to that of all present-day spreadsheets. However, this model is limited and has to be entirely revisited. Xxl should be a stable experimental platform for future studies, in order to propose a reflexion and to define tools for a new spreadsheet generation, more simple and secure to use. This point of vue and more generally the xxl project is described in this paper

Main Features

  • relative and absolute references to cells and ranges
  • arithmetic, statistic, logic, time and string functions 
  • infinite arithmetic 
  • number of rows or cols is unlimited 
  • multi-sheets, number of sheets is unlimited 
  • deletion/insertion of rows/cols 
  • X cut and glue for move or copy operations 
  • X cut and glue also with other X clients 
  • sheet identification (title, author, date, ...) 
  • creating series 
  • sorting 
  • hiding and sticking rows and cols. 
  • printing and pre-viewing 
  • exported formats:  postscript, html, LaTeX, csv,  sylk 
  • imported formats: csv, sylk 
  • undo 
  • graphics using Blt (barchart, line) (special thanks to Brian Denheyer)
  • more layout facilities
  • improve efficiency for large sheets
Current Version:   2.1.2

What's new in xxl-2.1.2?

  • Please have a look at file ChangeLog for further informations 
See Screen Shots ?
Copyright Type:  GNU General Public License
Targeted Platforms: 
        Tested on Linux (RedHat-(5-6).?, Debian),  Solaris 2.6, HPUX 9.05;  OSF1 on DEC Alpha,  and normally can run on all STk platforms. 
Software Requirements:
STk-4.0.1 ,  LaTeX
Download lastest version:
General Linux spreadsheet information 
Original author: Vincent Granet