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Welcome to schemers.org! This is a collection of resources for the Scheme programming language. It was initiated by the PLT group at Rice University. It now runs on a server in the Brown University computer science department.

The pages were built and are maintained by Shriram Krishnamurthi, with help from other members of Rice PLT, most notably Matthias Felleisen, Paul Steckler and Yan-David Erlich. Comments, suggestions and contributions of material are always welcome. Please contact me at sk+59@cs.brown.edu.

Several people have contributed logos for this site. The current logo is from Dan Sandler, a Rice graduate who spent a summer working with PLT. He wrote Scheme code to rework the Rice computer science department's entire Web site, and thus got the group thinking seriously about the Web. Thanks, Dan!

The ``favorite'' icon — the little lambda that you might see associated with this site in some browsers, especially if you bookmark any of its pages — was generated by Mason Loring Bliss. Thanks, Mason!

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