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Changes in 3.99


About Scheme

  • A module system has been added
  • Integration of the Bigloo MATCH-CASE and MATCH-LAMBDA primitives. Furthermore, the file bigloo.stk provide some compatibility between STk and bigloo modules.
  • A simple FFI has been added. It allows to access C functions without writing C code (works only on a limited set of architectures for now).
  • integrates the R5RS VALUES and CALL-WITH-VALUES
  • multi-line comments have been added.
  • The "-file" interpreter option is no more necessary
  • Display of the prompt and of the eval result in the REPL are now user definable.
  • report-error mechanism has been enhanced a lot (work is not completely achieved).
  • new-primitives: append!, mast-pair, C-string->string, remove-file, rename-file, temporary-file-name, ...
  • Numerous bug corrections
  • ...

About Tk

  • Integration of the Tk8.0 toolkit
  • The old inspector has been adapted to work with current release (not completely, but sufficiently while the new version is terminated)
  • Buttons, Checkbuttons and Radiobuttons can use a :variable and :textvariable in a given environment. This environment is given with the new :environment option.
  • New metaclass: <Tk-composite-toplevel>. This is identical to the class <Tk-composite-widget>, except that the widget lives in its own toplevel window.
  • make-image simplifies the usage of Tk images and uses a cache, to speed-up access to already used images.
  • The little square window, which used to appear as soon as STk was launched, appears now only when the first widget is mapped on screen.
  • ...

About STklos

  • The MOP of STklos is now very similar to the CLOS one. Here are some of the new features:
    • when a slot does not exists, the gf slot-missing is called
    • when a unbound slot is read, the gf slot-unbound is called
    • new generic functions slot-ref-using-class, slot-set-using-class, slot-bound-using-class?, slot-exists-using-class?, slot-definition-name, slot-definition-options, slot-definition-allocation, slot-definition-getter, slot-definition-setter, slot-definition-accessor, generic-function-name, generic-function-methods, method-generic-function, method-specializers method-procedure, remove-method change-object-class
  • When a class is redefined, the instances and methods which uses it are redefined accordingly, as in CLOS (i.e. if you add a slot in a class, all its -- direct or indirect -- instances will have the new slot added dynamically.
  • New kind of slot allocation: "active". An active slot is a slot for which you can put a daemon before or after its reading/writing
  • Standard behavior of class slots is now identical to CLOS: when a class-slot is inherited, it is shared with instances of the superclass. If it is redefined, a new slot is created
  • slot initializers are evaluated in the lexical environment of the class definition.
  • (Tk-)virtual slots can now have an :initform option.
  • Generic functions can be now traced with the standard TRACE function.
  • Composite widgets have now a class slots which contains the class of the object. This slot is initialized by default to "Composite", but it can be overloaded for a particular class. For instance labeled entries use the value "LabeledEntry" by default. This feature can be used for initializing the X11 resource database. for instance you can have STk*LabeledEntry*Entry*Background: white in your .Xdefaults file to set the default value of background of the entry of a <Labeled-entry> widget.
  • New composites widgets: Gauge, Valued-Gauge, Balloon-help, Labeled-Frame
  • The HTML-browser has been enhanced to access now the web (i.e. you can grab distant texts or images). The Web browser admit now applets written in Scheme.
  • New kind of slot allocation: "active". An active slot is a slot for which you can put a daemon before or after its reading/writing
  • extended types (defined in C) are now automatically integrated in the STklos hierarchy.
  • Several new classes for displaying messages boxes
  • New class <Color-box> for choosing colors.
  • New <Tk-Text-inset>. This class is the now the parent class of <Text-window> and of (the new) class <Text-image>.
  • ...

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