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of Scheme resources

There are several categories of documents listed here:

Jim Bender's Readscheme site has lots of additional bibliographic information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The comprehensive Scheme FAQ is now a Wiki. Please get involved!


Hari Prashanth is kindly maintaining an archive of videos related to both education and research.

Articles and Essays

Paul Graham's essays are a trove of additional material about the Lisp family.

Introductory Texts

These are textbooks dedicated to the introductory programming curriculum and/or beginning Schemers.

Advanced Texts

These are texts on advanced material that either use Scheme as the object of study or employ Scheme to illustrate key ideas.

Technical Papers

The Scheme Repository has a collection of classical papers, as the repository at CMU has an older one.

Mailing List Archives

The archives of the RnRS authors' mailing list, dating back to 1984, have recently become available on-line.


The standards have been moved to their own separate page.

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