The Internet Scheme Repository

The Scheme repository is not presently being maintained. Please visit for a more up-to-date Scheme site!

The repository currently consists of the following areas:

  • Latest contributions, noteworthy items.
  • Lots of scheme code meant for benchmarking, library/support, research, education, and fun.
  • On-line documents: Machine readable standards documents, standards proposals, various Scheme-related tech reports, conference papers, mail archives, FAQs, etc.
  • Most of the publicly distributable Scheme Implementations.
  • Material designed primarily for instruction.
  • Freely-distributable promotional or demonstration material for Scheme-related products, including the READMEs from Scheme implementations in the Repository.
  • Utilities (e.g., Schemeweb, SLaTeX).
  • Links to other Web sites.
  • Extraneous stuff, extensions, etc.

  • An excellent list of Scheme implementations (part 2 of Mark Kantrowitz's Scheme FAQ) is available.

    A list of most file formats of items stored in the repository is available, if you have any problems.

    The Scheme Repository is mirrored in Europe:


    Many thanks to Ozan S. Yigit, founder of the original scheme repository at York University, to David Eby, who assumed responsibility from Ozan when the repository was transferred to Indiana University in 1994, and to John Zuckerman, who took over from David and maintainted the repository through 1998.

    The Internet Scheme Repository